Foggy world

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The album was released on the 8th of March 2019.

Record of the Week – Riffarrica’s roaring riff folk

“It’s not hard to imagine Kulno Malva crashing his instrument through the wall after some particularly turbulent accordion sessions, like the toughest old-school men used to do when things got truly ecstatic. /…/ Accordion rumbles like a thunderstorm in August, dynamic drum rhythms beat the soot off blackened barn house ceilings. /…/ Huskily groovy but thankfully avoiding any needlessly bold exaggerations, Riffarrica is exquisitely reintroducing genuineness, confidence and cogency – qualities that have perhaps been slightly fading recently.”

Margus Haav

Postimees 08.03.2019 “Riffarrica raju rififolk”


Wondrous beauty of nature and music!
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Duo Malva & Priks’s album “Mässiv” (2017)

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